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A simple, intuitive, free and open source web based invoice management system developed with freelancers in mind.

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Welcome to MyClientBase Build by Jesse Terry.

MyClientBase is designed to manage your clients and invoices as simply as possible. Every feature included is aimed to benefit every user - not just one or two. Many of the features you'll find in MyClientBase were suggested by the community. Those suggestions that benefit the community as a whole are what makes MyClientBase the successful project that it is.

$ cd your_repo_root/repo_name
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout gh-pages

If you're using the GitHub for Mac, simply sync your repository and you'll see the new branch.


Well, just a few...

Community driven
Completely web-based
Unlimited everything
Configurable taxes
Multi-language support
Editable invoice templates
Client access through Client Center
Collect payments online
Inventory tracking
Much more!

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